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Coherency ahahaha no )
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First six OSCE stations of the twelve ... could have gone better.

But! I sat on the (windy) beach reading a book, and then we went to a cafe where the nice guy behind the counter gave me a free raspberry muffin*, and the new Bones had Mr Nigel-Murray (!) and Chef Gordon Gordon (!!) and SERIOUS DISCUSSIONS OF CANONICAL LOVE (!!!) and TAG-TEAMING PSYCHOLOGISTS OF AWESOME (not enough exclamation marks in the world).

And now I'm watching Breakfast at Tiffany's and drinking white tea, so life could be worse.

*Ji: mocha & muffin = latte & cupcakes, in the upholding-zen stakes :)
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For a TV show that gleefully tramples all over science while touting geekiness and the scientific method, it actually did quite a good job with this esoteric episode, albeit one stuffed with anvils and heavy-handed metaphors.

The redeeming thing about the way they portrayed Avalon was that there was familiarity in her hands, a sense that she HAD attached particular individual meanings to each card in her deck, and she used them as a conduit to guide her intuition and her more 'genuine' psychic power, and so the writers could be shamelessly flexible in the message that she drew out of each one.

That said, I am now going to gleefully overanalyse everything. LET'S GO. )
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God god god so much work to do today, but I'm waiting until after lunch. I had a GLORIOUS 10-hour sleep last night so I'm no longer the blurred mess of sleep deprivation that I have been for the last week.

But this post is mostly because, in breaks between lectures yesterday, I managed to watch the season opener of Bones )
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Er, I loved it a lot. Like. A lot. I will be going in search of icons momentarily.

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This is for [livejournal.com profile] brynnmck, who threw me the prompt, and [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust, who gifted me with coffee <3

five things Booth thinks about when he's driving home at night )
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Cannot concentrate on limbic system anatomy. Not even a little. Too busy thinking about Bones. SOMETHING IS WRONG IN MY BRAINPARTS.

Actually for the most part I blame this fic which is everything my cold and cynical heart could have desired when it comes to the successful resolution of the emotional mess that is Booth/Brennan. I am usually lukewarm on babyfic, man, but this one is AMAZING.

So now I am sitting here thinking about the Five Things I am going to write for Brynn, and the Five Things Brynn is going to write for me, and whether I could successfully fill in the gaps in my Epic Romance, and how much I want to reread that fic, and how much I want there to be MORE BONES IN GENERAL.


In other news, it is still unreasonably cold. But I am wearing a military-style jacket over a red tutu-ish skirt and black fishnets and dark red ankle boots with a chunky heel, so I feel like I could kick the ass of any weather silly enough to get in my way.
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The size of the crush I have on Mr Nigel-Murray is embarrassing. I love his useless facts. I find him crazily attractive. I love his accent (the actor is from Birmingham, it was probably unavoidable <3). He talks forensic pathology. I WANT TO TAKE HIM HOME AND KEEP HIM FOREVER.

Tall pale boys with dark hair are kind of enormously my type.

Also, this episode is totally stealing the entire emotional backbone of my epic Booth/Brennan WIP, ie. differences in ability to interpret body language. I hate it when shows do that.
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[livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust asked me to write this a while ago (you can tell it was for Claira because it has Les Mis lyrics for a title!) and tonight I managed to fill in the last few gaps. It's short & odd & not really sweet at all.

Spoilers for the finale of S3 Bones.

every man must choose his way )
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five awkward moments (Booth/Brennan) )
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I really have been watching too much of shows like The West Wing and Bones* and Friday Night Lights -- I think I'm having scifi withdrawal. I need new Torchwood and to rewatch some BSG (and then write exhaustive red-blue meta about it, I think) and also to watch the latest SGA episode, because from what I hear spoiler spoiler )

What else? I'm writing something new which I thought was in one genre and it turned out to be in a different genre entirely, but I resent it for not making this plain from the outset and so am sullenly poking it towards some kind of hybrid monster of the two. I don't know. I don't even know if it's any good, but it's at 2347 words and I don't yet despise it or feel the need to fling it at someone and shriek VALIDATE ME OR I'LL DELETE IT ALL, so I guess that's promising.

*Bones + spaceships = probably my ideal television show? I'd write it only the absolute last thing I need right now is another Bones fic idea. Someone else should write it for me. And by someone else I mean [livejournal.com profile] villainny or [livejournal.com profile] tellitslant.
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When in doubt, I let my flist make my decisions for me. So you lot are going to pick one of the two Bones epics currently festering away on my hard drive, and I'm going to work on only that one until it's finished, rather than flicking between documents like the flightly little thing that I am. All right then.

Option #1 - boy with a coin )

Option #2 - 80% )

[Poll #1113429]
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I...I almost caught myself spending money that I don't even have yet on renewing my Extra Userpics.


SO I am using my sexy sexy Bela icon, complete with Indigo Girls lyric keywords*, to express my approval of sexy sexy Bela while I still can! And to remind myself that now that Yuletide is dead, buried, bones salted & burned uploaded, I should work on my Bones/SPN fic that grew Dean/Bela phonesex when I wasn't looking.


In saner news, I got cards today from [livejournal.com profile] bop_radar, [livejournal.com profile] fryadvocate, [livejournal.com profile] innerbrat and [livejournal.com profile] malachan! I LOVE CARDS <3333 Thanks guys.


*I am so in love with this song, it is RIDICULOUS.
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so hot. unbelievably hot. lksjdsdh. it's like five flotillas of steamboats and there is yanking and it makes the 'brother' line ten time more hilarious.

(David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are so cute. With their deep breathing and their giggles and their little fist-bumps!)
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Being a calmly reasoned commentary on a Christmas episode... )


24 Nov 2007 02:38 pm
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(Oh, Grey's during sweeps. You're so crazy. But Seth Green + Gale Harold + Missy friggin' Higgins on the soundtrack = I forgive you.)

Anyway, the point of this post is that I just saw a promo still for next week's Bones.

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*head in hands*

My attention span is shot to hell. I have downloaded 61 songs used in the first season of Bones, I am sitting here with my fingers poised above the keyboard and ideas dancing around vaguely, but the characters still aren't cooperating, and the only way I'll ever get to Yuletide is if I manage to release some of the energy that is currently forming a BONES BONES BONES ZOMG cyclone inside my head.

So...anyone who is familiar with my newest obsession, want to throw me Five Things prompts? For any of the show's characters, I don't mind, but I need to start writing about them somehow and this is usually a good warmup.

This icon is called 'tony & roxie do vegas' and it is my new favourite 100x100 pixelated square in the universe.

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Q: Why is is that all of my favourite shows at the moment are SO EASY to cross over with Bones?*

...except Avatar. Bless you, Avatar.

In related news (dammit), I always knew that Temperance Brennan thinks a lot, but this is never more obvious as when you're trying to write a scene from her POV and the dialogue and actions get totally drowned in the tsunami that is her need to catalogue everything.

What am I writing? Self-indulgent crossovers. What should I be writing? Yuletide.

*takes hold of self by the typing fingers and SHAKES STERNLY*

*A: Somehow I am watching a whole lot of shows about death. Okay, not somehow. I love shows about death. A lot. Death & demons! Death & sociopathy! Death & aliens Cardiff! Death & pie!

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