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books read 2013

Not enough, NEVER ENOUGH, but there were some good ones on the list! I am not going to chatter about favourites and disappointments, but if you would like my opinion on/are curious about any of the books listed here, PLEASE ASK.

This was the year I discovered historical and romantic fiction. I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS DECISION. I also read a bewildering amount of nonfiction about the American economy, go figure.

* denotes a reread

Barnette, Abigail -- The Boss
Barnette, Abigail -- The Girlfriend
Barrie, J.M. -- Peter Pan*
Berger, John -- G.
Bradbury, Ray -- Zen in the Art of Writing*
Bradbury, Ray -- Something Wicked This Way Comes
Bradbury, Ray -- We'll Always Have Paris
Cho, Zen -- The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo
Copperfield, PC David -- Wasting Police Time
Diaz, Junot -- This Is How You Lose Her
Duffy, Carol Ann -- New and Collected Poems for Children
Duncan, Glen -- The Last Werewolf
Dunnett, Dorothy -- The Game of Kings
Fey, Tina -- Bossypants
Fry, Christopher -- The Lady's Not For Burning*
Gaiman, Neil -- The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Goudge, Elizabeth -- The Little White Horse*
Hardinge, Frances -- Fly By Night
Harris, Thomas -- Red Dragon
Healey, Karen -- When We Wake
Heyer, Georgette -- Powder and Patch
Heyer, Georgette -- Pistols for Two
Heyer, Georgette -- Cotillion
Heyer, Georgette -- Frederica
Heyer, Georgette -- Faro's Daughter
Heyer, Georgette -- Sylvester
Heyer, Georgette -- The Talisman Ring
Heyer, Georgette -- False Colours
Heyer, Georgette -- The Masqueraders
Heyer, Georgette -- The Convenient Marriage
Heyer, Georgette -- Cousin Kate
Heyer, Georgette -- Sprig Muslin
Highsmith, Patricia -- The Talented Mister Ripley
Highsmith, Patricia -- Ripley Under Ground
Honey, Elizabeth -- What Do You Think, Feezal?*
Jinks, Catherine -- Pagan's Crusade*
Jinks, Catherine -- Pagan in Exile*
Jinks, Catherine -- Pagan's Vows*
Jinks, Catherine -- Pagan's Scribe*
Kurtz, Howard -- The Fortune Tellers
Kushner, Tony -- Angels in America*
Lanagan, Margo -- White Time
Lanagan, Margo -- Yellowcake
Larbalestier, Justine & Rees Brennan, Sarah -- Team Human
Lewis, Michael -- Liar's Poker
Lewis, Michael -- The Big Short
Lively, Penelope -- Moon Tiger*
Lo, Malinda -- Huntress
Maguire, Gregory -- Lost
Mahy, Margaret -- The Blood-and-Thunder Adventure on Hurricane Peak*
Malzieu, Mathias -- The Boy With the Cuckoo-Clock Heart
McKinley, Robin -- Sunshine
Miéville, China -- Perdido Street Station
Miéville, China -- The City & The City
Milan, Courtney -- The Governess Affair
Milan, Courtney -- The Duchess War
Milan, Courtney -- A Kiss for Midwinter
Milan, Courtney -- The Heiress Effect
Neville, Miranda -- Never Resist Temptation
Obrecht, Téa -- The Tiger's Wife
Palahniuk, Chuck -- Damned
Park, Ruth -- The Harp in the South
Pinker, Stephen -- The Language Instinct
Piot, Peter -- No Time to Lose: A Life in Pursuit of Deadly Viruses
Pratchett, Terry -- Dodger
Pratchett, Terry -- Nation*
Pratchett, Terry -- Night Watch*
Pratchett, Terry -- I Shall Wear Midnight*
Pratchett, Terry & Baxter, Stephen -- The Long Earth
Quinn, Julia -- The Lost Duke of Wyndham
Quinn, Julia -- Mr Cavendish, I Presume
Raskin, Ellen -- The Westing Game
Rowland, Ian -- The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading
Rowling, J.K. -- The Casual Vacancy
Sayers, Dorothy L. -- Busman's Honeymoon
Scott, Paul -- Staying On
Shem, Samuel -- The Spirit of the Place
Silver, Nate -- The Signal and the Noise
Skloot, Rebecca -- The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Smith, Zadie -- On Beauty
Sparrow, Jeff -- Money Shot: A Journey into Porn and Censorship
Stark, Jill -- High Sobriety
Steenburgh, April & Lennox, Christy (eds.) -- Fight Like a Girl
Steinbeck, John -- Of Mice and Men
Telep, Trisha (ed.) -- Kiss Me Deadly
Tolkein, J.R.R. -- The Hobbit*
Walters, Minette -- The Devil's Feather
Wein, Elizabeth -- Code Name Verity
Wells, H.G. - The War of the Worlds
Wendell, Sarah & Tan, Candy -- Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches Guide to Romance Novels
Whalen Turner, Megan -- The Queen of Attolia*
Whalen Turner, Megan -- The King of Attolia*
Whalen Turner, Megan -- A Conspiracy of Kings*
Wilde, Oscar -- The Importance of Being Earnest*
Wodehouse, P.G. -- Summer Lightning
Wodehouse, P.G. -- The Inimitable Jeeves
Wodehouse, P.G. -- Very Good, Jeeves!
Wodehouse, P.G. -- The Adventures of Sally
Wynne Jones, Diana -- Enchanted Glass
Wynne Jones, Diana -- Howl's Moving Castle*
Wynne Jones, Diana -- The Magicians of Caprona*

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